Best Shade Net Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

We are MNJ Global Carpets, which offers a wide range of high-quality shade nets to transform your outdoor space into a cool and comfortable haven. Whether you’re seeking shade for your patio, garden, greenhouse, construction site, or Parking we have the perfect solution for you!

Choose from our diverse selection:


  • Heavy-Duty Protection: Opt for our 385 GSM or 320 GSM shade nets for maximum sun blockage and durability. Ideal for intense sunlight and demanding environments.

  • Balanced Shade: Enjoy the perfect blend of shade and breathability with our 180 GSM shade net. Great for patios, gardens, and creating comfortable play areas.

  • Variation: Add a touch of color to your space with our Green, Red, and Blue shade nets in 280 GSM. Perfect for creating a stylish and functional outdoor oasis.


To buy shade nets, you have several options depending on your preferences and requirements: Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and specialized gardening or agricultural supply websites often offer a variety of shade nets. You can browse through their selections, read reviews, and choose the one that suits your needs. Local Stores: Visit local gardening centers, agricultural supply stores, or hardware stores. They may have shade nets available for purchase, and you can inspect the quality and get advice from staff members. Direct from Manufacturers: Some shade net manufacturers sell directly to customers through their websites or by phone. You can inquire about their products, specifications, pricing, and shipping options. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend trade shows or exhibitions related to agriculture, gardening, or construction. Many shade net manufacturers exhibit their products at these events, giving you the opportunity to see them in person and discuss your needs with representatives. Wholesale Suppliers: If you need shade nets in bulk for a larger project, consider contacting wholesale suppliers or distributors. They often offer discounted prices for bulk orders. Before making a purchase, make sure to consider factors such as the material quality, UV protection, shade percentage, size, and durability of the shade net to ensure it meets your requirements.